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Artists Endorsements

Artists from all genres love Paige Capos so much, they want to endorse us and help spread the word, world-wide.  

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  • Rabbi Sandra

    I love this capo.  It is the only capo that I use.  It's affordable and I don't have to worry about losing it or having my guitar be out of tune.  If you are looking for an awesome product, a great capo, American made–I can't stress enough to try out the Paige Capo.

  • Ciosi

    Ciosi arrived to use this product PAIGE, because it preserves the intonation for all the six ropes. The exceptional facilities in the opening and in the closing of the CAPO makes the action to play more practical and less difficulty. This is suggested live in the performances or in study.

  • Brayden Williamson

    When I think of what the word quality means, Paige Capos always come to mind. I've never used a better capo that holds the right amount of pressure on your neck and at the same time keeps your guitar in tune.

  • J W Milburn

    First off, they are made here in the United States–they last a long time. You can change them from fret-to-fret–they don't lose tune. You can keep them handy because they hang on your banjo all the time. Go buy a Paige Capo, you'll love them.

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