Kristian Bush of Sugarland Paige

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"It doesn't matter if I'm in a studio or playing live at the Grammy's, my instruments have to be in perfect tune.  I depend on Paige Capo to hold the intonation of my instruments no matter where I play."

-Kristian Bush of Sugarland

Dear Artists,

Thank you very much for your interest in Paige Musical Products and
your will to help us spread the brand around the globe.

Please know we cooperate a lot with musicians and we are generally open for bands on various phases of their career. More–as we really sign a lot of endorsements worldwide, we have strict regulations of what endorsement conditions we can give to a musician during his/her first touch with the company.

The main thing about Paige Capo endorsements is that we can’t always give capos for free. The reason is that our capos are all hand-crafted, too complex and labor-cost to build just to give them away.


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