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Frequently asked questions

What kind of warranty coverage do I have on my capo?

Yes. All Paige products carry a warranty. See our warranty and service page for more information regarding your product warranty.

Are replacement parts available?

Yes. We commonly find that replacement sleeves are needed after a few years. These slee3ves are available through our online catalog. Other replacement parts are also available. Feel free to contact us.

Does the Paige Capo come in any other color/finish?

<h5 class="font_5">No. All Paige Capo models are now only available in black finish.</h5>

Can I order a Paige Capo with a specific radius?

Yes. For a fee of $5.00 we’ll adjust any of our capo models to a radius you specify. This feature is available after purchase or before you purchase online.

How do I track my order?

Unfortunately there is no way for us to track your order once it is shipped, we encourage customers to inquire about the status of their order by contacting us.

Where can I find a Paige Capo in my area?

Because we deal almost exclusively with International and Domestic Distributors, there is no way of knowing what stores carry one or all of our products? Our most accurate way of determining who carries the Paige Capo is to call a store directly.

How do I use a capo?

See, on how to use your capo efficiently

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