Marketing Materials

You can download our approved marketing materials for Paige Capo dealers and distributors below.



The Paige Capo Logo (Including the Clik™)

Several versions are included in the zipped file including .png, .pdf, and .eps

Download Here

The Original Capo, The Clik™ and the Spring Capo Product Images

A version for each image is available in the zipped file in a .png, .pdf, and .jpg

The Original: Download Here

The Clik: Download Here

The Spring: Download Here 



Paige Capo Banner

A .pdf and .psd is available in the zipped file

Download Here


Paige Capo Standard Fonts

"Andes Rounded Bold"




PBN: Download Here

P-12: Download Here

P-6N: Download Here

P-6E: Download Here

PC-12-2.250-R: Download Here



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