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Paige Musical Introduces Electric Model Capo

In response to consumer request, Paige Capo will be introducing its new model this summer. With an already diverse and widely recognized line of products since 1988, including model that accommodate banjo/mandolin, six and twelve string, and wide neck guitars, Paige will once again be taking it one step further with their latest addition.

The new model boasts an innovative design not yet used in other capos. A new concept has been incorporated while still maintaining the original integrity and quality we’ve come to expect from Paige.

When asked about the design, owner Bryan Paige responded, “We’ve included features never used before, really striking that note between invention and necessity. An endless amount of customers have approached me needing a practical capo that met their needs. We’ve exceeded those expectations with this product. Being a musician myself, I understood artistically what was entailed, more so what was needed.”

Paige anticipates a release later this summer, Until then the company is continuing constant testing and grasping perfection in their latest product. Co-owner Shelly Paige says, “We have an international market that demands our personal attention. We’re constantly growing, constantly expanding on so many levels. We expect this new model to keep us busy. Delightfully so.”

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