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Performing Songwriter Reviews the 12-String Paige Capo

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

"The 12-string capo (P-12E) from Paige is cleverly designed with four plastic bands wrapped around the capo's front bar to sound both the wound and plain strings without buzz. The front bar is hinged; once locked, the capo tightens around a range of neck sizes. It handles wider-necked six strings as well as 12's. We preferred Paige to other capos when playing boutique guitars like the Godin 5th Avenue archtop, as it makes you take a beat, attach the capo properly and then get back to playing, rather than absentmindedly throwing a squeeze-style capo 'round the neck and potentially walking away from the gig with string or intonation problems." Tools of the Trade: HOT GEAR Spotlights -Dave Jones (December 2008)

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