Original Banjo (Fits to the 4th Fret)/Mandolin Capo


The Original Paige Banjo/Mandolin 5-string capo with direct center-tension design.


  • Ultra thin design
  • Controllable tension
  • No string buzz or muting 
  • Move quickly and easily 
  • Can store behind the nut when not in use
  • Width is 1 7/16" (1.437")
  • No radius on bar
  • Fits to 4th Fret



  • Satin Nickel - P-BN
  • Ebony - P-BE


  • FOR YOU: 1x Paige Original Capo P-BN
  • YOUR USE: Controllable tension - No string buzz or muting
  • YOUR PERFORMANCE: Move quickly and easily - Store behind the nut
  • BEST MATERIALS: Ultra thin design - Felt feature for added protection


The Original Paige 5-string Acoustic Capo Expertly Engineered And Built To Last Within The United States - Michigan. Paige Brand Is The Only Local Brand Within The Usa Which Produced And Manufactured Within In The United States - Which Increases The Quality And Durability Of Our Capos. Kapo/capos Which Controls Tension For Steel String. Having No Problem Of String Buzz Or Muting. Provide Best Add Onn For Your Music Accessories To Your Planet Music. Move Quick And Easily By Hand, Can Store Behind The Nut When Not In Use. Solid Steel Capo For Guitars Very Easy And Handy. For String Acoustic Electric Guitar, Black Acoustic Guitar, Pink Guitars, Electric Guitar ,banjo, Mandolin Or Ukelele Capo, Classical Guitar Accessories, Guitar For Girls Or Kids Guitar, Nylon Guitar - 12 string acoustic electric guitar. Must For Every Guitar Accesories. Paige Capo Can Also Be Fits All Models Ukuleles, Any Top Brands Guitars Rock & Roll with this capo/kapo on any musical instrument, essentials accesorios guitarra cappo accoustic capo, page capo/ kapo guitar, kapoo guitar, a capo cute, capo paige, cappo guitar, capo pretty for musical instruments accessories, best add on on your guitar gear and musical instrument set, guitar acoustic accessories / acesorios para guitarra, guitar capo quick change, a must for children musical instruments, instrument kit for kids, girls guitar, kids guitar, guitar capo unique, quitar capo, capos guitar, kids ukulele, ukulele accessories, electric guitar capo, acoustic guitar accessories, guitar supplies. , capo trasto Made By Hand In Michigan Usa. Guaranteed For Life - Get It Now Locally To Shine Globally.

Original Banjo (Fits to the 4th Fret)/Mandolin Capo