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Product Testimonials

"After buying and trying capos for years, I finally saw and ordered my first of three Paige Capos. I had found perfection for my professional needs. And with the re-entry of the original black sleeves recently, I am back in business for my future needs as well. The Paige Capo design allows be to quickly place the capo up and down the guitar neck, without having any restrictions that I encountered with other capos when I had it on the 5th and 6th frets. And being able to keep it on the neck when I played without a capo or packedy guitar in a gig bag. It's a wonderful product."

- Bill S.

"I wanted to let the fine folks at your company know how much I admire your capos. In a very fluid show like ours, it's key to be able to switch positions quickly and maintain consistent tuning, and your products do that flawlessly. "

- Shaun Richardson, lead guitar with grammy nominated group, Dailey & Vincent

"Over the years I've tried many capos, but I always come back to my original Paige. I like it's low profile, light weight and the thumb wheel design is best for not pulling the guitar out of tune when capoing. I'm a fan."

- Bruce Ray Brown, The Charlie Daniels Band

"I love your capos and really believe in them!!"

- Glen Duncan

"Paige capos, the ONLY one that does it right and accurate. I've been using them since 1992."

- Justin Weaver

"I've been using the Paige capo for a few years. I am completely satisfied. It stores behind the nut easily when not in use. I can move it about the neck quickly and it doesn't distort my tuning. Anybody want a box full of old capos?"

- George Worthmore

"I purchased a Taylor 8-string baritone and as many acoustic players know, the 3rd and 4th strings are paired with accompaniment strings which are nearly impossible to capo properly due to the increased thickness of baritone strings over standard strings. My problem was solved with the Paige 12-string capo, the ideal device for this guitar. The capo itself holds down the thicker baritone strings while the included plastic loops on the device properly hold down the accompaniment strings, providing a full capo effect. The Paige 12-string capo is a blessing!"

- Azi Holman

"It's so thin and discrete, doesn't get in the way."

- Brenda Chambers

"The CLiK 12 String Capo is the bendin' end! No other capo (and I've got a drawer of 'em) has the ability to clearly voice the octave strings on my Acoustic Leadbelly 12 String Guitar without matter how hard I pick! Mercy!"

- Barry Big B Brenner - Songster

"I believe that Paige capos are the best American capos available under a hundred dollars and the equal in operation of those at any price. It's overall light weight and small diameter, firm sleeve makes for less tone loss and reduce retuning when changing position."

- Bert Stegall

"I have been using paige capos for a while now. They hold tone well and are affordable. If you’re like me and loose them all the time that means something. I’ve been using the same paige for about five years now. I just replace the plastic on the bar when needed."

- Brandon Adams

"I am a proud owner of the Original Paige Capo. Its design is very simple, yet effective and sturdy. I use it on all my guitars and have been very pleased with the results. Martin 00028EC, Fender American Custom Stratocaster, Musikraft Custom set neck Stratocaster, Musikraft Custom Telecaster and Heritage Blues Deluxe (think Gibson ES339). Thanks Paige Family for making this great product."

- Lucky Boy Bruce Hauser

"Best capo on the planet, period. And it took me awhile to get used to the Clik, but now that I have, I don't use anything else. LOVE it."

- Chris Castle

"There are only a few things I look for in a capo, and I find everything I need in The Clik. Its sleek profile ensures that it will stay out of the way, both when it's in use and when it's not. The Clik feature offers me the ability to switch back and forth quickly between songs on stage. And the ability to gauge and apply the right amount of pressure to the strings means that I don't have to deal with any more intonation problems. It meets all of my needs. Thanks Paige for such a great product!"

- Clay Lezon, guitarist Nash Street

"When I'm on stage I need a capo that is fast, easy, and accurate. Nothing does it better for me than a Paige!"

- Clint Chandler, with Lady Antebellum

"I must say It's the best capo I have and it's always with my guitars!"

- Davide Facchini

"I like the way it stores behind the nut when I'm not using it. I like the idea of being able to adjust the tension. The tension is even across the strings."

- D.B.

"Hands down, the best capo I've ever used. It's always with me on stage because it stays tucked behind the nut and I never lose it."

- Doug Adams of 12 String Relief

"It is HANDS DOWN the best unit I have owned in 44 years of guitar playing. (I've had at least 8, all different brands and designs)
Some were cumbersome, others barely worked, and two broke.
The light touch the Paige Clik Capo needs to achieve a buzz-free sound and uncluttered placement on the neck is unparalleled.

Everywhere it is feels like the new nut! Concert tuning is not compromised by varied pressure across the strings nor excess pressure.
I have always appreciated good design, and this defines the term."

- Doug MacKenzie

"I think your customer service is top notch."

- Edd Tremblay

"I use the banjo capo for my plectrum banjo and the wide/flat paige classical capo on my dobro. The fact that they store behind the nut makes them winners from the get-go. No more losing the capo or having the thing oddly clipped to the headstock. The click system is also great, as it cuts down seconds in-between songs. I used the guitar capo as well (but gave it to our acoustic guitar player, so I need another one...). Other than going out and paying $100 for something custom, I think these are the best out there."

- Gil Gaus, The Third Hand String Band

"I saw my friend using a sensible looking capo on his guitar and it did not have any 'bits' sticking out or lever to bend. Then the capo was simply moved over the nut when not in use. Closer inspection showed the name Paige. It stays on the instrument when not in use - fantastic. After much begging he gave me it to try. No adjustment required to the tuning even at the 3rd, 4th fret. Sold, where can I get one? I had to wait for a trip to USA and bought a few to take home. I have used many capos in my 40 years of playing. Paige Capos are the best for me.

I only sell and promote equipment /instruments that I would use myself. I only use Paige capos on my guitars and banjos. I am now proud to be a Paige Dealer here in Scotland/UK and my customers are glad also. How can a Paige Capo be added to? Is it possible? You bet, try the Clik and it ain't no trick. Regards to you all at Paige Capos and thanks for a great product."

- Gordon Reynolds, Hootsmon Music, Scotland

"I have nothing but good things to say about this capo. It is the lightest, best capo I have ever used, and now the only capo I use. I never have to look for it when it is not in use because it's stored on the nut of my guitar."

- James Carr

"The new and improved Clik capo works great. Easy on, easy off, when not in use it all but disappears behind the nut. Most importantly, it holds the strings to the fingerboard like cement without the messy clean up."

- Jeff Daniels Actor/Musician

"AS a guitar player for over 40 yrs, I have purchased and tried just about every capo out there. The goal was always to find one that provided consistent pressure anywhere on the neck of my '73 Guild D50 without having to retune and deal with string-buzz. Even if a new capo had enough "squeeze" to get the job done for a few days, I found it unacceptable and had to replace it in a short time. I tried the Paige Capo over a year ago and was so satisfied I ordered a couple more for my other guitars...also love the way its low profile lets me store it over the stupid handle sticking out and it looks like part of the instrument. So, if you’re playing out of tune or have string buzz issues, just get one of these. Great product....wish I had thought of it ! Thanks!"

- Jeff Diamond

"The Paige Capo is the best capo on the market...The Paige never pulls the strings sharp like other popular brands. You adjust the tension you need which is just enough to get the strings to the fret directly in front of the capo. It's fast and easy. I can change for a key mod in the middle of a song and hardly miss a beat. Thanks so much for all you do for us, and for making a superior product."

- Jeff Douglas, with The Oak Ridge Boys

"Paige Clik.. best Capo ever made.. nuf said!"

- Jeff Lawless

"Whether in competition, studio/live performance, or just sitting around pickn'... the Paige Capo has never let me down. It's fast, accurate, and always right there... ready to go! I consider it a part of my instrument."

- Kevin Haynie with Josh Turner

"I've been using Paige Capos for both LIVE and STUDIO purposes for a number of years now. They hold the tone and intonation of my instruments better than anything I've found."
- Kym Warner, The Greencards

"I am extremely pleased with my new Paige Capo. I have a small box full of other types and brands that I have tried over the years. I play Bluegrass music and a good capo is very important to me. I like my new Paige Capo because it is small enough to stay out of the way of my large hands and it is so quick and easy to relocate when I need to and I can store on my guitar when it is not needed so it right there ready and waiting for me. I don't have to waste time putting it back on my guitar. I now own two just in case I misplace one because I never want to be without my Paige. Thank you for such a great product that does its job, in my opinion, better than any other capo on the market today!"

- Jim Steen

"I've been a Paige capo user for the past 15 years and I keep the Paige Original on all of my guitars, above the nut and ready for use. I've used many capos over the decades and the Paige Original is my favorite because of its small profile, adjustable tension screw-knob, and the option of keeping the capo on the guitar, above the nut, when not in use. I haven't lost a Paige capo yet because it never comes off the neck!"

- Jim Tepe

"The Paige P-BE banjo/mandolin capo is our best-seller. It's convenient because it can be stored above the nut until needed, it's affordable, and it's American-made. It's a sure winner!"

- John Drummond

"I have 3 Paige capos and they work perfectly! Please continue your great work."

- John Jiang

"THIS IS THE ELECTRIC GUITAR DREAM CAPO! I'd just like to say how UNBELIEVABLY impressed I am with the Paige Capo. I was in Elderly Instruments in East Lansing, Michigan today. I play a tele and CANNOT find a way to capo and not be way out of tune, I was looking and trying different capo's when a store employee came up and understood my struggle, he handed me a Paige Capo and told me to try it. I was honestly blown away. Just a few turns and the Capo is on and the tele stayed completely in tune. I know a lot of players who Capo an Electric Guitar and are miserable, this is the answer, hands down! Best money I've spent on gear all year. A lot of Capo's boast ease of mobility but CANNOT deliver on keeping the guitar in tune. The Paige does it all, I can't say enough good things about this Capo."

- John McMahon

"I have used Paige capos for years for my banjo and guitar. I've tried almost every design ever marketed. I've suffered painful finger snaps from the early elastic models and had one of those spring-clamp jobs shoot across a music store as I tried to attach it to the instrument. The simple yet elegant Paige design is far superior. The most expensive capos on the market more or less copy its design, but the Paige is a tremendous value for the money."

- John Woolfolk

"A Paige has always lived on my guitar necks, but the Clik has definitely stepped things up a notch. It's amazing how easy it is to move the capo and tighten it, all with one hand, always in tune with the right pressure on the strings. My Paige capos are works of art!"

- Kerry Marx, Staff Guitarist-Grand Ole Opry

"It doesn't matter if I'm in a studio or playing live at the Grammy's, my instruments have to be in perfect tune. I depend on Paige Capos to hold the intonation of my instruments no matter where I play."

- Kristian Bush of Sugarland

"Your capos are the best. I've been pickin and grinnin for almost 50 years, have owned and thrown at least a half dozen different capos. The Paige is the only one that just keeps the intonation true. Any kind of guitar, any kind of strings, whatever it just works great."
- Larry Lewis

"I bought a custom Chuck Lee banjo and my old Shubb capo wouldn't fit. I was told that a Paige would work, which was great because I wanted the new Clik Capo anyway.

It looks great, fits perfectly, and doesn't make my banjo go out of tune. I love that I can precisely adjust the tension on the strings."

- Ori

"The paige capo is one of the best quality capos available in the market, it's simple to use, don't change the strings pitch, and could literally live in your guitar headstock so you will never forget it! I opted for the Clik Capo, it's light weight and with low profile, qualities that makes it excellent for casual or live playing, always allowing a great performance in the correct pitch."

- Mauro Henrique P. de Samuel Marques

"I love my Paige Capo for ease of use and intonation. It's the only thing I found what would really work on my bouzouki. And as a bonus, I can't even lose it!"

- Matt Heaton

"After 30 some odd years of playing 12 string guitars, I had more or less given up on finding a capo that actually fit a 12 string, stayed in tune and didn't wipe out the tone of the guitar. Yours does all that and does it well. I just ordered a second one since my Guild may get jealous of my Gibson."

- Mike Goldman

"Great capo. Light weight and so small you can't see it from a distance."

- Mike Walter

"One thing I have figured about capo's you don't need a 100.00 dollars Capo lol cause I got one. I use my Paige capo as much as that fancy stainless one and it just as Good. I have had my Paige for I guess 10 or 12 years and it works great. They say they are making a newer version. I sure it hard to fix something better. Thanks Paige capo's"

- Ollie Blanton, Kentucky, Home of Bluegrass Music

"Once I switched over to Paige, I haven't used any other capo. Not only do I have the convenience of keeping a capo locked on each guitar (which is great on a dark stage!) but I have the ability to control the capo tension that each guitar requires! Paige has definitely hit the mark that no other capo company has been able to do."

- Quinton Gibson with Darius Rucker

"I have been using Paige capos for about a year on electric and acoustic guitars and mandolin. They're the best capos I've ever used in 40 plus years of performing."

- Ronald Thomas

"I have used Paige capos for more than 20 years. They’re the best!"

- Sam Barlett

"I just love this capo! Best I’ve used in 50+ years. I depend on my tools and this product is very reliable, keeps my intonation and best of all, it’s made right here in the USA! None better, go buy some, I promise you won't be disappointed!"

- Stephen Emery Houk

"I've owned many different brands of capos over the years...I always hated the tuning and retuning......went to a bluegrass show and watched these guys and gals moving their capos back and forth and hardly ever retuning. So, I asked a Bluegrass friend of mine what they were.... I have been
Hooked on Paige Capos ever since!!!! The BEST CAPOS MADE Period!"

- Steve Hardesty

"Outstanding products and exceptional customer service. We got more than we asked for and expected. Save yourself plenty of time and aggravation by shopping Paige first."

- Timothy J. Harris McHenry, Il

"It does come with a better rubber sleeve than the older version as well. I actually obtained some of the newer material and put it on my older Paige that I keep handy as a backup. Overall, for the money it is the best thing going. I also have a Shubb and a Kyser and the Clik beats them all hands down, IMHO."

- Todd Fox

"Works great! What more could you ask for?"

- Vince Gill

"I have purchased 4 Paige capos and I love them. One for my twelve string and three for my six strings. I love them all. The tension set screw system lets me adjust the perfect amount of pressure on the strings, so the capo always keeps the instruments in tune unlike other spring capos. I will never use any other capo on my instruments."

- William Friel


I like the "Storage behind the nut, holds good pressure on strings. I like the size of the click model but don't use the click feature."

- David Beikman

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