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Service Testimonials

"I gotta say, this is the best customer service I’ve ever had from any company – you really have gone the extra mile! Many thanks"

- Tim Royce

"Your customer service was warm and generously helpful when I called with a request for how to purchase a new capo sleeve, I gave the Paige my unprompted endorsement and Shelly sent me not one but a pack of sleeves for my guitar capo and another for my banjo capo at no charge. I was pleasantly overwhelmed by this act of goodwill and am convinced that the Paige family goes the extra mile to provide satisfaction to their customers. Thanks for the product and the kindness to a stranger on the phone."

- Bert Stegall

"I recently got in touch with customer service and got the new release button capo. It has been fun to use. The people in customer service were friendly and well informed. I recommend them to anyone."

- Brandon Adams

"The Clik capo I purchased would not quite clamp down on the thin neck of my Cordoba Flamenco guitar. I told the service department, mailed it to them and they provided a quick easy solution-a longer screw. I had the capo back within a week of mailing it. Thank you!"

- James Carr

"In today's market a company has to do more than produce a great product. They need to stand behind it and look after their customers. My experience with The Paige Capo is that it's a fantastic product that exceeds all of my needs. When I had a question, I emailed Paige from their site and not only did they respond quickly with a thorough answer, but it was a family member that emailed me. That's something that's missing in today’s society and I just love that about them!"

- Jason Pallen

"I had recently contacted the Paige Capo company via e-mail to report that one of my trusty Paige capos was suffering from thread wear. I received a reply from Paige in less than 48 hours with information on returning the capo to Paige. I mailed out my Paige capo and, in less than a week, I received a brand-new replacement Paige Original capo. Paige Customer Service gets five out of five stars! Thank you for a fine quality capo and fast and friendly customer service."

- Jim Tepe
"Approx. a year ago my paige capo broke. I e-mailed the Paige and within 2 week it was replaced with a new one. Paige musical is the way to go."

- Joan M. Hamilton

"The customer service also has been fantastic. I recently wore out the fretbar sleeve on my guitar capo, and when I wrote the company asking where to find replacements, they mailed me a couple at no charge. I'm still gigging with that old Paige capo."

- John Woolfolk

"Paige Capo's are incredible! I have had the Original for about ten years!!! It is my capo of choice! A few weeks back it broke! The rubber sleeve dried out and cracked. It broke right off...I emailed Paige customer service asking if I could buy a new rubber sleeve and they said, "give us your address." 3 or 4 days later I got a package with 2 new rubber sleeves in charge!!! Incredible product, incredible people! Buy one now!!!"

- Joseph Hemphill of the band Maitland

"Y'all could have invented the concept. Recently I bought my second Paige capo, this time a 12String model. I got it from an on-line store... I never thought to look for a Paige website... Anyway, my old trusty original capo was starting to get a lot of ruts in the pad, and I thought maybe I could get a replacement pad. Looked for the website, found it, and saw that there were some improvements available. Wrote to Customer Service asking if I could get the upgraded replacement pad, and if they would send it. This was Saturday morning. Sunday afternoon I got a reply from Shelly in Customer Service...MY PARTS WERE ON THEIR WAY TO ME! Just WOW!

The new thicker pad is wonderful. My Martin, Telecaster and Bill Renner custom 12-String all sound great, are easier to play and stay in tune! And I can't wait to get those bumper stickers on something really cool... stay tuned!"

- Larry Lewis

"The rubber bearing surface on my Paige banjo capo broke. I contacted Paige for pricing on a replacement. They sent me two charge. Now that's customer service."

- Leon Smith

"Upon experiencing problems with my Clik capos I returned them to Paige and as soon as the retrofits were available The Paige company sent me back my capos promptly. They rushed the repairs for their customers and the quality of the product, and the quality of the service was fabulous... The next time I need a capo, there is no doubt where I will purchase it. You folks have been wonderful to deal with and I feel like I am working with family, not just a corporation."

- Mack R. Woolard

"Thanks for the great service, and thanks for the best capo ever created."

- Michael Douglas

"I've played guitar with a Paige capo for years. The plastic sleeve finally got brittle and cracked the entire length with old age. I sent you an e-mail to see about purchasing another sleeve. Instead, Paige sent me not one, but two replacements for FREE!!! Now that's customer service. You guys rock! Now this thing is good to go for a few more years. I will sing your praises to everyone, thanks a million."

- Neil Coey, charter member of Blackwater Run, bluegrass band

"Paige customer service was AMAZING in contacting me to replace an early part with the later improved one.

They paid for shipping and made the swap easy. I now have the "Friends don't let friends play out of tune" sticker on my banjo case."

- Ori

"I merely inquired about a year ago, of your company, if there were to be any improvements to the existing Paige capo. The reason for the inquiry was that the rubber piece on my Paige had become marked with each strings' indention and after three quarter turns was no longer as effective as it should be. I just wondered if a softer, less prone to indention rubber piece was being considered. I received an email reply to the effect that indeed you were looking into this problem. Then a couple of weeks later, I received a package with two new softer rubber pieces for my existing capo. No charge, no fuss, no need for reply from me. Very nice. I did indeed reply via email with my thanks. I'm still on the first new piece and it's working just as well as it should."

- Ray St.Clair

"My experience was very positive. I called and asked how much a replacement rubber string saddle[?] was. The rep was very nice and said there was no charge for those. He sent me 3. Now that is a company that stands behind their product and cares about customer service. In this day and age, it was a very pleasant surprise."

- Rob Chipley

"I've owned multiple paige capos over the years and only recently had a problem with one. After contacting Paige I received a fast response with a promise to replace the defective one and right the situation. It's nice to see such a well-known company that stands behind their product."

- Ryan Farmer

"I have been using the Clik for over a year now and have grown to be very fond of the quick release button. They had some initial production issues with e size of the screw they were using, and they actually retrofitted mine with a new one, great customer service!"

- Todd Fox

"I had a little trouble with the width of the neck on my 12 string and the customer service people were great. They worked with me until all problems were rectified and a capo was fitted for my neck width. The customer service personnel were second to none. I stand by the sticker that was sent to me "Friends don't let friends play out of tune."

- William Friel

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