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Instructional Videos

Instructional Videos

Bryan Paige Discusses How To Use The Clik® Capo for Best Results

The Clik® capo has a quick release and when you release just relieve the tension half a turn and it takes all the stress of the threads and then you can just pop it open, slide it back behind the nut and you’re in business, it’s out of the way.


Again, quick release (bring it up), click it in, tune for tension, just enough tension to make it sustain, and when you want it back off, relieve the tension ½ a turn, release the button and place it back behind the nut out of the way.


When you are changing, bring it up to your fret, slightly behind the fret -just push it down so you have minimum pressure, and click it into place. Turn the tension for just enough pressure to sustain. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. If it’s too tight, it will pull strings out of tune.  Again, when you want to change it, turn the button 1.2 a turn to relieve the tension, and same thing, bring it to where you want it, click it into place, slightly tighten to sustain.


When you want to release – relieve tension (very important), push the button to release 2nd step – move it quickly out of the way and click back into place.