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Shipping and Returns


If you feel your capo is defective and would like to return it please be sure to visit our Warranty Page to ensure your capo is still under warranty. If your capo is still under warranty you will be asked to fill out a return form (see below).

How it works:

After you fill out our return form our shipping department will review it. They will be looking for proof of purchase (please note that your capo must have been purchased within the last two (2) years–See Warranty Page link above); either by proof of an order confirmation or receipt and/or by a registration confirmation.

If you qualify, we will process a shipping label at no cost to you for you to print and attach to a sealed box containing your defective capo(s). You will need to return this to us.

Once we have received your capo we will determine if we can repair it. If we can we will do so and ship it back to you at no cost. If we cannot repair your capo and you live within the USA, we will send you a coupon code which will allow you to reorder the exact capo(s) from our website at a 100% discount. The shipping department will receive your order and ship it. If we cannot repair your capo and you live outside the USA, we will place a replacement order for you and the shipping department will receive your order and ship it.

If you are ready to fill out the return form you can do so Here.

Store Policy

Warranty Information

Paige Musical Products have a 2-year warranty.  Paige Musical Products, at its discretion, will at no charge repair or replace any of its purchased capo models due to manufacturing defects during normal use.

In order to verify that your product was purchased within the last two years, you must have registered your capo on our website at the time of purchase or have proof of a receipt.

Any claims will result in the return of the defective capo and the purchaser will be responsible for returning it to the address listed below, along with any shipping and customs fees.

Paige Capos do not have to be purchased directly through our website to qualify for the warranty coverage.

Defects or damage that result from improper operation, storage, misuse or abuse, accident or neglect, such as physical damage to the product, contact with liquid, water, rain, dirt, or extreme heat, all of which may alter the cosmetic appearance and overall performance of the Paige Capo are all excluded from warranty service.

Returning Your Defective Capo

If you have registered your capo and/or have confirmation of purchase/receipt (your capo must have been purchased within the last 2 years-see above), and would like to fill out our form to receive a replacement because you feel it is defective, please fill out this form found here.

Replacement Sleeves (rubber tube that lays over the strings)

We commonly find that replacement sleeves are needed after a few years. These sleeves are available through our online store or through our Amazon Brand account.  If your sleeve is worn out from normal use the warranty doesn’t get you a free replacement. A link to buy replacement sleeves can be found here. If your sleeve has a premature defect (for example; has a crack or deformity) it is covered.

Privacy Policy

The herein Privacy Policy defines the rules of gathering, processing and using your personal data, which is obtained by Paige Musical, located in Jonesville, Michigan, USA 49250 (hereinafter referred to as the Company), for the purpose of processing orders and payments.

The Company makes all the effort aiming at respecting your Privacy and protecting the personal data you provided when purchasing goods. The Company undertakes all the actions needed to fulfill this task.

What Data is Collected When Using Website?

The Company does not gather any data automatically, except for the data included in the cookie files, which is gathered when using website (hereinafter referred to as the Website).

Cookies are small text files sent by the Online Store and stored on your computer. They contain certain information regarding your use of the Website. Cookie files are used by the Website in order to manage the website and provide relevant information to.

More information on cookie files used by the shop can be accessed here:

What Data is Gathered by The Company During Purchase Processes?

The Company will gather the following personal data through the website or other forms of communication in case of purchasing products or services:

1. name and surname

2. permanent stay address

3. mailing address (if different from the stay address)

4. e-mail address,

5. phone number,

6. credit card details.

Providing the data above is to be done willingly, but it is needed in order to purchase goods or services from the Company.

Providing the data above is to be done willingly and your consent is needed to provide it. Data above is used solely to realize the goals indicated above. We emphasize the fact that there is no need to provide the above-mentioned data if you do not want to use the possibilities indicated above.

You have right to access your personal data and to adjust it. In order to exercise this right, please send an e-mail to the address:

Internet Store Marketing

Unless you agreed otherwise (newsletter subscription) your e-mail address will be used for marketing purposes of the products available on the Website. Consent may be revoked at any time.

Information Sharing

In order to realize the purchase, the Company may share the gathered personal data with the following subjects: shipping company, banks and companies which provide internet payment in order to process payments.

In such cases, quantity of transferred data is limited to the required minimum.

In cases when you are willing to revoke the consent granted within that scope, please contact us and send such information to the following e-mail address: What is more, the information provided by you may be shared with the relevant authorities, should the legal regulations in force require such sharing.

Technical Measures and Your Obligations

The Company will use best efforts to protect your data and protect your data from any actions undertaken by the third parties. We use all security measures required in case of servers, connections and the Website in order to protect your data.

All connections related to your electronic payments, should such option be selected, will be provided via a safe and encrypted connection.

All the actions undertaken by us may not be sufficient, should you not follow the basic safety rules. This particularly regards your login and password, which are used when logging, as well as your credit card and other bank details. You cannot share this data with any third party. Please remember – the Company will not ask you to provide these at any time, except for the case of logging in on the Website and processing of your order and payment. In order to prevent unauthorized use of your account, please log off once you have finished using the Website.

In What Way You May Use Your Rights?

You have a right to request the information regarding the data about you that is stored, as well as a right to request changes, blocking or removal of the data, and right to adjust the mistakes, complement or update your data. You also are entitled to file in an objection against processing your personal data for marketing purposes. In order to do it, please contact us via e-mail address.

Other Websites

Within the website, links to other websites may temporarily be present. Such websites are independent from our Website and are in no way supervised by the Company. These websites may use their own privacy policy. We recommend getting acquainted with those policies before you use these external sites. The Company bears no responsibility for the data policy within those external websites.

Questions and Complaints

Any questions and complaints regarding the herein Privacy Policy may be sent to the following e-mail address:

Cookies Policy

  1. site, hereinafter referred to as the “Website”, downloads automatically solely the information contained within the cookies.

  2. Cookies are text files, which are stored on the user’s device, and are needed to use the given Website. They usually contain the address of the visited website, ID number and information related to the period of storage.

  3. Paige Musical, with a seat located in Jonesville, Michigan, USA, 49250, is the entity using the cookie files saved on the user’s device.

  4. Cookies are used for:

  • Adjusting the content of the Website to the User’s preferences and tailoring the layout of the Website by recognition of the user’s device, and thus displaying proper version of the Website.

  • Collection of statistical data, which would make it possible to analyze the way the Users use the Website

  • Saving the User’s session after logging in, which makes it possible to use the Website, without any need of subsequent repeated logging in in every page.

  • The Website uses two basic types of cookies:- temporary “session cookies” used to store the information when the Website is being used by the User, which are deleted after the User stops using the website- permanent “persistent cookies”, which are stored on the user’s device for the time period defined in their configuration parameters or until they are deleted by the User.

  • Most of the software used for browsing websites (“web browser”) by default allows the user to store the cookies within the user’s device. Users of the Website may, at any time, change the way their devices handle the cookie files – including blocking and deleting the cookies.

  • The Website Owner informs that blocking the cookie files may result in interruption of correct functioning of the pages of the Website.

  • Cookie files saved when the Website was being used may be used by partners cooperating with the Website, including advertisers

  • Addendum 1 – Additional information regarding configuration, removal and use of the cookie files may be found at the corresponding Wikipedia Cookies Policy page.

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