Warranty Information

Paige Musical Products have a 2-year warranty.  Paige Musical Products, at its discretion, will at no charge repair or replace any of its purchased capo models due to manufacturing defects during normal use.

In order to verify that your product was purchased within the last two years, you must have registered your capo on our website at the time of purchase or have proof of a receipt.

Any claims will result in the return of the defective capo and the purchaser will be responsible for returning it to the address listed below, along with any shipping and customs fees.

Paige Capos do not have to be purchased directly through our website to qualify for the warranty coverage.

Defects or damage that result from improper operation, storage, misuse or abuse, accident or neglect, such as physical damage to the product, contact with liquid, water, rain, dirt, or extreme heat, all of which may alter the cosmetic appearance and overall performance of the Paige Capo are all excluded from warranty service.

Returning Your Defective Capo

If you have registered your capo and/or have confirmation of purchase/receipt (your capo must have been purchased within the last 2 years-see above), and would like to fill out our form to receive a replacement because you feel it is defective, please fill out this form found here.

Replacement Sleeves (rubber tube that lays over the strings)

We commonly find that replacement sleeves are needed after a few years. These sleeves are available through our online store or through our Amazon Brand account.  If your sleeve is worn out from normal use the warranty doesn’t get you a free replacement. A link to buy replacement sleeves can be found here. If your sleeve has a premature defect (for example; has a crack or deformity) it is covered.